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FloridaJamz provides advertisers with a focused and effective way to communicate to broad spectrum of active, engaged individuals - people who make informed decisions regarding products and services. People who have the ability to discern. People who are influencers and early-adopters. In short, people who are ideal targets for your messages.

Online listening continues to reach record highs. According to Arbitron & Edison Media, online radio:

  • Attracts an upscale, well-educated and employed audience
  • Delivers 14% of persons in the prime 18-49 radio buying demo
  • Reaches one in five 18-54 year olds per week.
  • More than 75% of listeners have attended or graduated from college
  • 64% of listeners reside in households earning at least $38,000 per year
  • 40% of listeners live in households generating $65,000 or more
  • In general, listeners are involved online more than the average consumer

Here are some compelling demographics* specifically regarding our FloridaJamz audience of more than:
Listeners listeners count

Based On Florida Listeners:
  • 42% of our listeners are female and 58% of our listeners are male
  • 57% of our female listeners are between the ages of 25-49
  • 43% of our male listeners are between the ages of 25-55
  • 62% of respondents have listened for more than a year
  • 68% say they tuned in three or more days each week

  • By Major Cities and it's surrounding area's :

  • Tallahassee 15%
  • Orlando 25%
  • Tampa 30%
  • Miami 30%

On the FloridaJamz Network, it's the quality of our content, talented hosts and compelling guests that encourages a visitor to stay longer or come back frequently.

*Specific demographics are driven by the content, the host and the show

All the data adds up to a compelling reason to start spending with FloridaJamz. It offers a targeted, refreshing and distinctive way to reach audiences in a very cost-effective manner. There are a host of sponsorship and advertising opportunities available - meaning your brand will have access to our listeners and the entire network, while surpassing the competition. With sponsorship, you can become the voice of urban music and provide continued name recognition for your brand.

Updated 12-27-13
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